Habitat Homebuyers

Habitat Homebuyers


Angelia, Aaron, and Family

“Hey, I’m Angelia. I’m 25 and my husband, Aaron, is 26. I am from California and Aaron is from Indiana. We have 3 beautiful kids. Violet is 6, Zakk is 5, and Rosie is 4. I’m a stay at home mom and my husband works at Nyx New Albany. In our spare time we like to spend time with our kids, play games, and going on little adventures with our kids. Violet likes to play with fake make up and dolls, Zakk loves playing with cars and dinosaurs, Rosie loves playing Barbies, puzzles, baby dolls and they all love to play games. We enjoy having camp outs in the living room and a fire place going on the tv. We heard about Habitat from our family that saw them at an event near us. Being able to buy a house from Habitat means the world to us. We can finally give our kiddos a safe and healthy home without worry. Habitat means to our kids that they can have a happy home to be able to play outside without worry. They can come home and run to their rooms and play. It means the world to our family that they get to be part of building a home for their kids and grandbabies. The Spalding Family want the volunteers to know that we really appreciate them and all they do bringing happiness to the community and helping others dreams come true. Thank you guys so much. We are excited to start working with you all.”



Michel and Family

Michel is a Statistical Clerk with the U.S. Census Bureau and learned about Habitat for Humanity from another partner family, Donna, who works with her. For Michel, being able to buy a Habitat home means, “that my children will always have a place to come home to. They won’t have to worry about us not being in a safe and secure home. I greatly appreciate everything that the volunteers and donors do and know that none of this is possible without them. I am forever indebted to them.”



Robynn and Family

“I remember when I was younger, my dad’s girlfriend, who was like a stepmother to me, was going through the Habitat program. She recommended I apply. It means the world to me knowing I will be able to provide a stable, safe place for my kids to call home; it means new beginnings, a forever home, and a dream come true. Amouri is my basketball player. Shamel loves playing the drums. Yasmin is my gymnast and chef in her play kitchen. My kids and I are eternally grateful for anything and everything the volunteers and donors do. I couldn’t thank them enough for the time and money they give to help my children and me. As they bless us, I pray that God will bless them with more than enough, as they have done for us.”



Aerion and Family

Aerion is a hardworking mother of three and had a rough year in 2020. Her youngest, Amiyah, spent the first 462 days of her life in the hospital. Aerion says she applied for our Home Ownership Program for a better quality of life for Amiyah, initially, but continued through the process after she passed away in September as to provide better for all her kids. “She is watching down on us and this has been a blessing after some rough years. The big thing now is stability for all of us together. Ariana and Aerica are excited to be in the program to have a new home. I am grateful, very grateful, and thankful for all the volunteers and sponsors who will be building my house. I still can’t believe it’s happening, but it is. I plan to grow as a family with the volunteers. I want to develop a bond that’s forever.”



Angela and Family

Angela Sturgeon is a mother of three and grandmother of one. Her oldest son is in the military and her two youngest boys are 16 and 15 years old. She is a Flight Attendant for Skywest Airlines. Of owning a home, Angela says, “Homeownership means many things to me. It means breaking a chain in my family to be the 1st to own my own home. Setting new examples for my children and theirs. Means being rooted and vested in a place of our own.” For Conner, the 16 year old, “It represents freedom, to hang pictures on the wall, paint, or have an animal.” For Brenden, the youngest, “Actually move in and make a home, not feeling like it’s temporary. Safety.”


Donna and Family

“My name is Donna. I am 25 years old and was born in Louisville. I have one child and she will be four years old in December. I work for the United States Census Bureau. In my spare time I like to draw, read, and enjoy family activities with my daughter. I heard about Habitat for Humanity through a co-worker and very close friend. She is this awesome woman who’s husband already volunteers for Habitat in Louisville. After separating from my child’s dad, I moved in with my parents – now at 25 I share a room with my toddler in a smaller mobile home in the country of New Salisbury. I couldn’t be more thankful for the selflessness of the volunteers and sponsors who are the literal glue to Habitat’s foundation. You come together as strangers and leave like family.”


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