Faith Communities

Faith Communities


Habitat is a partnership founded on common ground bridging theological differences by putting love into action. Habitat founder Millard Fuller called this concept “The Theology of the Hammer,” explaining that even though we may disagree on all sorts of things we can all agree on the idea of building homes to eliminate poverty housing and helping those in need. Habitat for Humanity welcomes all people of all faiths to join hands with one another and help build simple, affordable homes for families in need. Help bring hope by transforming lives.  We as Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs, Atheists, Humanists, Jains, and Baha’i and all faiths and backgrounds can build homes.  Together, we can build hope.

Benefits to Faith Communities

  • Opportunity to put faith into action
  • Create a deeper fellowship


Faith groups have the option to provide volunteers and food as well as the opportunity to spend time with the future homeowner and family.

Click here to register to volunteer or call our office at 812-948-1235.

Or click below to sponsor an event.


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